Sunday, December 17, 2017

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I started using isotonic nutritional supplements after being introduced to them by a Naturopathic Doctor.  In researching the products that she was suggesting, I was impressed by the depth of scientific knowledge and research that went into making these products.  Over time, I started seeing major improvements to my own health. 

Around the same time, my professional career as a biochemist and business consultant came to a crossroads and I decided that helping others improve their health through nutritional supplementation and lifestyle weight management was my passion.  I have combined my scientific training and knowledge in biochemistry and molecular biology (my Ph.D. thesis was in glucose transport and fat cell metabolism, giving me a special interest in sugar and fat metabolism) with quality diagnostics and supplements to bring health and wellness to others…and I can do the same for you.

Before you continue, I want to explain to you what I am talking about below when I mention Isotonic.  The word isotonic literally means “same fluid pressure”.  Are you familiar with an IV bag?  It says Isotonic Saline on it.  That means that the concentration of glucose and salts in the bag are the same as what is in your bloodstream.  When you take Isotonic Capable Supplements, that means that the nutrients are in a form that the body can absorb quicker and easier, as opposed to traditional pill format that the body will need some time to break down.  So with Isotonic Capable Supplements, you will get faster absorption over a shorter period of time, leading to increased bioavailability of the nutrients for your body.  They truly are a superior mechanism of nutrient absorption.

Some of my favorite products that I use to build your customized wellness solution are listed below.

Isotonic Capable Supplements

Genetic Tests

Transitions Lifestyle Weight Management Systems

Here is a complete list of all of the Product Regimens that I available to me.

Anti Aging


Blood Sugar Maintenance

Bone and Joint

Cognitive Health and Stress Management

Digestive Health

Energy and Endurance

Family Health

General Health

Heart Health

Skin Health

Sleep Aids

Sports Nutrition

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