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Survival Tips for Healthy Eating at the Holidays Part 1

November 20, 2013 by  
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With the holidays coming up, all of us need to be conscious of our eating habits so that we don’t overeat and gain too much weight for the holidays.  Enjoy the food, fun, and festivities, but don’t overdue it. Thanksgiving Meal 1

Dr. Victor Carsrud, a chiropractor, nutritionist, and personal friend of mine, gave a talk a few years ago about how to eat healthy and avoid gaining weight during the holidays.  With his permission, I will now share these tips with you in two parts – the first 5 today and next 5 later this week.

10) Don’t skip meals to ‘make room’.
The body will assume you are starving, release cortisol, and store the energy as fat rather than burning it appropriately.

9) Multiple small meals and water are still important.
Snacks and adequate water intake will keep your body from getting too hungry and gorging yourself.

8) Fiber is your friend/Eat your Greens.
Fiber binds extra fat in your GI tract – less available for your hips!

7) Eat Slow but Fast.
Chew adequately (slowly) to insure proper digestion of proteins, but don’t let the meal last for more than an hour to avoid a second insulin release.

6) Eat Quality not Quantity
Higher quality, organically grown foods tend to have greater taste and more nutritional value – decreasing the amount you feel you need to eat to be sated.

Part 2 will be later this week.

To Your Health!

Dr. Harvey

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