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Fed Up – A MUST SEE Documentary Film!

May 12, 2014 by  
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Fed Up Poster

The movie Fed Up is currently in theaters now and this is a must see documentary film for everyone!  If you are concerned about your own health, the health of your children, and the healthiness of our food supply, go see this movie now!  I rank this film alongside Food Inc. in terms of importance and urgency in terms of the need for urgent action.

The film started off as a story that Katie Couric was investigating that ended up turning into this movie.  The gist of the movie is that we are being lied to by the food industry and that all of the added sugars in our processed are responsible for the increase in both obesity and diabetes in this country.  And the glaring part about this documentary is how the food lobby has asserted its influence in preventing any regulation or meaningful changes from taking place.

One of the startling statistics is that prior to 1980, there were no cases of Type II diabetes in children.  In 2010, there were approximately 58,000 cases diagnosed.  And the movie follows several kids around and shows how despite being active, many struggle with weight issues.  There was a 400 pound teenager who needed bariatric stomach surgery to survive, and another who despite being very active, could not lose weight.  These were heartbreaking stories.

The sad thing about this movie is that as usual, money talks.  The food lobby has used its influence to water down regulation and prevent meaningful changes from being made.  And because of budget constraints, the fast food industry has integrated itself into many school cafeterias.  We are now seeing a generation of kids whose life expectancy will be lower than their parents, especially because kids have been lobbied to want junk food all of their lives.  All of this because of the money going to the food lobby, specifically the big sugar lobby.  In essence, the government is subsidizing the obesity epidemic.

The most interesting parallel with this is the comparison between how the food companies are lying to us and how the tobacco companies lied and continue to lie to us.  The call to action is that we have to hold the food companies liable for their lies in the same way we have held big tobacco accountable for their lies.  Serious changes need to be made, and regulations, such as banning junk food advertisements to kids in the same way we have banned tobacco advertisements on TV, need to be made.

So what can we do?  We need to get better educated on how to read food labels, we need to press our elected officials for action, and most importantly, we need to see this movie now!  In reviewing the official website, I see that this movie is only around for 1 week in certain areas, so time is of the essence.  For Katie’s interview on The Daily Show with clips of the movie, click here and for the official link to the movie’s website, with movie locations and actions you can take, click here.

In Austin, the movie is at Regal Arbor Cinema at Great Hills.  Go see this movie NOW!  Your health, and the health of your children, depends on it.


To Your Health!

Dr Harvey

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2 Responses to “Fed Up – A MUST SEE Documentary Film!”
  1. Carol says:

    5-12-14 You’re so right, Dr. Harvey.

    The sooner that we educate parents on the benefits of low glycemic eating and that the calorie counting approach does not work, the sooner we will regain our health and function.


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