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Changing Food Labels Reflect Changing Diets

March 3, 2014 by  
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It was reported in the news last week that the Food and Drug Administration is revising and revamping food labels to provide more information for consumers to make healthier choices.  These serving size changes will also reflect the amount that consumers usually eat or drink.  In my opinion, these changes are necessary and will provide more information to help us all make healthier choices.

Labels originally were added to our food in 1993, in an effort to give consumers more information on what they buy.  While they have been effective, the new changes will reflect serving size and take into account other changes that have been advocated in the past.  “Calories from fat” has been removed in order to focus on the fact that not all fats are bad for you, and in the case of Omega 3 Fish Oil, are good for you.  The serving size has also been changed as well. For example, 20 oz sodas used to say that a serving size was 8 ounces – in other words, each 20 oz soda had 2.5 servings.  Who is not going to drink the whole thing at once?  Added sugars are also added to the label. 

Currently we are in the 90 day public comment period, after which time these labels will be implemented.

I applaud these new changes.  Anything that will help the consumers become more health conscious of the food they buy is a good thing.  As you know, the overarching theme of this blog is that “Your health is a choice”.  By taking the time to learn how to read and analyze labels, you can make a positive impact on your health by making healthy choices.  You are going to pay, one way the other, either by spending the time reading labels, or spending time in the doctor’s office in the future.  I hope that you make the right choice, and these labels should make it easier for you to do so.

To Your Health!

Dr. Harvey

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2 Responses to “Changing Food Labels Reflect Changing Diets”
  1. harry O Sperling says:

    Hopefully the food industry will comply with the new method of indicating information on food labels that are more ‘people friendly’ and giving us more information to make decisions. I decry some of the legislators who indicate that few people read the labels – I DO! And anyone having been in a nutrition class is aware of how important labels on food items are. I find that too many products contain excessive amounts of sodium and many other chemicals that are bad for one’s health. A number of years ago I visited friends in Belgium, a doctor working for Pfizer and he and his wife were elated that the food they purchased was not allowed to have added chemicals that were harmful – in large doses some of the items added to our food would seriously create illness and even death. Let us get back to wholesome foods that years ago we all enjoyed. Choladane and DDT were used to douse plants to prevent insects from eating them and it had a strong effect on the ecology and was finally removed from the market as dangerous. Accolaes to those who promote a healthy food system! YOU have done an ecellent job in bringing this to the attention of all of us who purchase food and look at labels~ Thanks.


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