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So What is the Correct Weight Loss Plan for Me? Part 3

December 18, 2013 by  
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TLS Resolution Revolution

In Parts 1 and 2 of this blog, I explored the items that you should consider before starting a weight management program.  Today we discuss the specific program that I recommend.

So what types of weight management plans do I like?  I prefer the low/mixed Glycemic Index weight management system.  The Glycemic Index is a measurement of how much your blood sugar changes depending on the types of carbohydrates you eat.  There are several good educational resources where you can learn about low/mixed GI eating.  The weight management system that I specifically recommend is the TLS Weight Management System.  It is a scientifically proven lifestyle and weight management system that teaches you how to eat right through several sources such as the website and food journal.  Regardless of which system you choose, make sure that you include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet, while cutting back on fatty foods and sweets.  Ultimately, your success will be dictated by making a lifestyle change with respect to food intake and exercise.  This is a long term process, not one that you change overnight, and not one you stop doing after a brief period of time. 

Are you looking to make the change to improve your health?  Are you tired or making the resolution to lose weight every year?  Would you like this to be the final year that you make a resolution to lose weight and get healthy?  Then join me in promoting a Resolution Revolution!  I have worked with the TLS Weight Management System and have found it to be the best one out there.  It is scientifically proven and doesn’t rely on gimmicks or fake food to achieve results.  I have had success with this program and thousands of people across the country have as well.  I have had success with clients in using this program, and I have had clients who have had success with it as well.  If you are interested in learning more about it, please contact me.  I am committed to your success and I look forward to working with you.  

Here is a video that will describe the program in more detail.

I invite you to join the TLS Resolution Revolution and make this the last time you will have to make a resolution to lose weight!

To Your Health!

Dr. Harvey

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